What we do

From the solid to the liquid phase in a project

We identify opportunities for your business

We identify opportunities and trends.

We act as an observatory to identify which solutions (technological or digital) have the greatest potential in terms of the Group’s activities internally and externally.

To do this, we study and analyse different sectors, verticals and markets, in order to find the best solutions for companies.

We develop and co-create projects

We believe that innovation always has to meet the company’s needs, which is why we study and identify what the specific needs are.

Based on these needs, we design, develop and implement projects tailored to each company, through turnkey projects with a clear impact for the organisation.

Aside from having our own in-house team, we seek out synergies and strategic agreements with other entities and professionals in the sector we will be working in.

We support digital transformation and cultural change

Creating an innovation mindset or culture is crucial for an organisation to innovate. This is why we support organisations with tools and initiatives for cultural change and digitalisation.

We do everything from training to workshops, including intrapreneurship programmes that get employees involved and playing an active role in the company’s innovation journey.