About us

We are the innovation and digitalisation unit of the Martínez Group.

We focus our activities on guiding and supporting the Group on the path to digitalisation and innovation.

We are a group of professionals with multidisciplinary skills. We have more than 20 years of experience leading companies and helping them face strategic challenges.

In line with our philosophy, at Magma, we are a fluid team and everything is a group effort. This is why we have a core team that is the soul of Magma Innovation Services, as well as a team of key collaborators who are experts in their respective fields, to have the best talent on hand in each case.

José Martínez

Grupo Martínez President

Salva Medina

CEO Valhalla & Partnership lead

Jaime Manrique de Lara

Head of Magma

Aránzazu Pérez

Head of Marina Hub

María Irurozki

Business Builder & Innovation Consultant

Lucía Entrialgo

Innovation manager

Marisol González

Project manager

José Yapci Reyes Ramos

Space Manager

What’s more, at Magma, we have our extended team, which encompasses the entire Martínez Group. As part of the Group, we benefit from their expertise in different sectors and business units, which enables us to understand different realities and have experts in each of them at our disposal.

With the experience acquired implementing and managing innovation strategies and projects within the Martínez Group, we share our know-how with external companies, with a sincere desire to help and support them on the path to innovation.


What we aim to do

  • Bring efficiency and innovation to the Martínez Group through the coordinated management of digital and cultural transformation projects.
  • Create a corporate vision for interaction and continuous improvement among the different units of the Martínez Group.
  • Drive business units through transformation and innovation. Continued sustainable growth.
  • Launch the Martínez Group as the benchmark in the Canary Islands for its efficient and innovative management.
  • Be the leading company in the Canary Islands to support the transformation and innovation of other companies and entities.


  • Create efficiency and impact in everything we do.
  • Listen to everyone.
  • Bring innovation to different areas and companies.
  • Make our actions tangible and measure them.
  • Nourish the business ecosystem with alliances and synergies.
  • Bring in external, disruptive talent.