MAGMA Innovation Services

Liquid innovation by the Martínez Group.


We employ all our know-how and experience to help you let your ideas flow and turn into reality.

Innovation and strategic consulting from the heart of the Martínez Group.

At Magma, we believe that innovation should be born of business needs and market opportunities. This is why we are the innovation unit of a leading business group.

We understand business realities, challenges for companies and organisational functioning.

We rely on tangible, real innovation with a clear business focus and a high impact on teams.

To achieve this goal, we provide consulting services, develop and implement customised projects, and contribute to the digitalisation of companies with the design of new products and services.

Get to know us ⇢

Crystallisation comes after flowing

From the solid to the liquid phase in a project

We identify opportunities for your business

We develop and co-create projects

We support digital transformation and cultural change

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